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More than a century ago, on an evening in September of 1848, the first members of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, Gabriel Dante Rossetti, Edward Millais, Holman Hunt, William Michael Rossetti, Thomas Woolner, Fredric George Stephens and William Collinson, formed a confederation of artists. This brotherhood of artists was dedicated to the love of beauty, to telling a story with their art, to working in a full range of colors, to depicting the light and shadow of the world and to freedom of expression.

THEY SUPPORTED A PLACE FOR WOMEN IN THE ARTS - which included Elizabeth Siddel Rossetti, Christina Rossetti and Julia Margaret Cameron.

They loved works about the Medieval times, the romance of Arthur and Camelot, the stories of the Bible and other sources of legend and history. These tales were alive to them. Painted in a fresh way, they told the stories of love, death, loss and rebirth.

The central pillar of the movement and the focus of those artists who could be called the second Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Long after the first Brotherhood began to drift apart, separated by public interest, success and their daily lives, Gabriel continued to inspire and work in his style to tell great stories with his paintings and drawings, as well as his poetry.

It is his work and life which has touched me, inspired me as a photographer, but for you it may be another artist of the Brotherhood. Perhaps one of those whose work connects spiritually to the movement or one of the Pre-Raphaelite women or the subject and use of romanticism itself in art and life.

Wherever your art or spirit moves you in this quest for beauty, truth and honor that is your path, your personal destiny and the expression of your artistic statement about life and integrity.

Perhaps you would like to feel that you had Brothers and Sisters supporting you in your Quest for spiritual growth and artistic achievement.

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Gabriel Dante Rossetti's Grave




Gabriel's gravesite is at Birchington-on-Sea, England

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