The Victor Invictus Society


Sursum Semper

The "Society of Victor Invictus" celebrates the spirit of this noble friend.

The Creation of the "Victor Invictus Society"

After reading of the tragic story of Victor the famous giraffe of the Marwell Zoo near London, England, Donal McLaughlin saw the greater truths in the story of this noble fellow. Poor Victor had died for Love (and for sex). Donal and a couple of friends

Victor's Story

In 1977, an East African giraffe names Victor - distinguished by age, experience and virility --- lost his footing and spread-eagled himself while attempting to be of service to Arabesque, one of the three female giraffe friends at the Marwell Park Zoo, 70 miles south of London.

The plight of the fallen lover attracted the sympathy and understanding of kindred souls throughout the world. They agonized with him as various desperate efforts were made to get him up again. Finally, on the sixth day, he made it ---Inspired by the nudging nose of Arabesque and assisted by a crane operated by Her Majesty's Navy.

Sad to relate , Victor did not survive this sling of outrageous fortune. But he never gave up, and he died trying. That is his legacy and our inspiration.

The Society of Victor Invictus does not solicit members, has no by laws, keeps no minutes and makes no public disclosures. Those who feel a kinship to Victor may be considered to share in the Society and wear the Victor emblem
How to become a Lifetime Member of the "Victor Invictus Society"
Send a letter with the downloadable form to:
Victor Invictus Society

C/O Donal McLaughlin

Post Office Box 234
Garrett Park, Maryland 20896
Please include a stamped self addressed envelope together with $10.00
Become one of the hundreds of members who have joined over the years
Five dollars of your money will go to the listing and maintance the "Victor Invictus Society" database
The remaining $5.00 will be donated to the "MARWELL ZOO" with a caviote that the contribution be targeted especially for the care, matinence and comfort of Giraffes.

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