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202 797-8407

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My long term expertise has been as a Freelance Stull Photographer using camera formats from 35mm to an 8x10 View.
After years working in film, the expanded capibilities of digital media has opened new aspects Art and Creativity.
I work out of my home in Northwest Washngton DC.      
Most assignments are on location but I have a small home studio for portraiture and small product shooting  
Over the years, I have expanded my skills to include the following:      
  Photoshop Correction of Images and Photo Manipulation of the Image.    
  Studio Lighiting and Product Lighting    
  Computer Art and Design    
  Creation of Mini Documentaries in DVD of Occasions, Family History or Business (using stills, video and music)
Whether you need to promote a product or service, capture an important image or portrait or you want me to capture that
very special moment in life with faimily and friends, give me a call.
I am waiting to help you promote your busimess or make a permaent record of that once in a lifetime memory.
In the end, the food, the decorations, etc. perhapas even the spitrit of the moment may be forgot, the photos will remain.