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Commercial Photographic Services

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Providing Still Film Photography in Formats from 35 mm thru 8X10 View.
Digital Photography in 35mm Equivalent and Medium Format .
Advertising Photography - Products Shots - Executive and Staff Portraiture - Social and Event Photography for Promotion and Publications
Wedding, Religious and Special Occasion Photography from preparation to the final memorable moments of the day are artistically and painstakingly preserved. Video coverage is available as well to give a complete record of the day.
Photo Manipulation - Photo Restoration - Photography of Art and Paintings
With more than twenty years of experience, I have worked in many aspects of still photography from my first Art Show through freelancing for the Washington Post to Advertising and Weddings.
My years of study in Art and Photography at the Corcoran School of Art gave me my formal training in photography. There I experienced a full range of artistic study which helps to bring to each image an appreciation of seeing both the graphic nature of a subject and an eye for the beauty of light and form.
It is my philosophy that photography is at its best when it reveals the beauty and nature of the individual. Even the most banal of objects has a beauty of form that can be brought out by proper placement, light and the appreciation of the background. Even the smallest of subjects can contain the power to move the viewer . We have all been moved to the core by the image of a face or the beauty of a subject.
Early on I was fascinated by Computer Art, while on a freelance assignment for the Post. The artist my writing partner was interviewing did his work on a Mac Plus (which should date the assignment). A couple of years later I purchased my first Mac and began my photoshop self-teaching process. I had specialized in "Multiple Printing Technique" in my art photography, so I was thrilled to see how easy it was to create the same effects on the computer. Since then I have expanded my capabilities in creative Photo Manipulation, learning additional applications, and basic Web Design. I have also developed a talent for Web Art and Photo Restoration.
The Dante Studio

The Dante Studio was created for the type of photography related to theater, film and fashion. The studio specializes in Headshots, Portfolio Postcards and full Portfolios for Actors and Models. The studio can meet all your photographic needs for Film or Stage Productions.

A deep and enduring love of theater and film has made this type of still photography a passion of mine to shoot. I find it exciting to be on the set or at a rehearsal and to capture the action before the audience has its first look at the production. I find actors and models among the most interesting subjects to photograph.
Below are links to examples of various types of photographic samples of my work (all images are © / Cameraworks)